Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Taboan Market


Here at the Taboan Market, you'll find all the dried seafood you'll ever want to have. Dried squid, dried fish, what have you. It's all here. I mean really this market is MASSIVE. It houses so much dried seafood and the smell just sticks to your clothes long after you've left the market. I still carried the pungent aroma of danggit (small but oh so tasty fish) as I boarded the plane back to Manila. I couldn't do anything about, well, me, but I DID stuff the plastic bag containing a kilo of these precious dried fish on the overheard compartment as soon as I can. Apologies to my seatmates on the plane, and to the owners of the bags next to mine!


1 comment:

Kaori said...

Those piles are HUGE! Did you get a good deal? That's so funny you had a bag of that with you on the plane ;D