Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sutukil? No Problem!


We originally wanted to eat at this place, before my friend dropped me off at the airport. No Problem Restaurant? Why, yes, take me to the land of no problems please! Alas, when we got there, it turns out they did have a problem. They had no oysters! My friend and I were craving for oysters, fresh, juicy oysters. So we had to say goodbye and look for another place.


Sutukil is a contraction of SUgba, TUwa and KILaw, which are ways of cooking seafood in the Cebuano dialect. Sugba is grill and tuwa is stew. Kilaw is a little more complicated. Let's just say it involves cooking raw fish in vinegar and a whole host of ingredients including coconut milk. Sutukil also means restaurants serving seafood cooked in these various ways and they're mostly located along the shoreline. What happens is, you go to these restaurants, choose your seafood, tell the cook how you want them prepared and that's it! You go to your seat and the waitress will bring the food to you in no time. We ordered oysters, and squid and fish. No photos, as we devoured them very quickly. If I get to go to Cebu again, I will make sure to take nice photos of the food there!

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