Tuesday, July 20, 2010

St.Luke's Hospital series: The Presidential Suite


The Executive Suite of St.Luke's Medical Center costs a whopping PhP49,000 a month or a little over a thousand dollars. When he needed medical treatment, the First Gentleman, husband of our former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo stayed here.


Look it even has a jacuzzi and a designer chair. Not just any other plain ol' bath and stool. No, it's a jacuzzi and a designer chair.


The pillows, the attendant says, cost PhP2,500 each (or around $60). The photographs on the walls are photos by famous photographer Wig Tysmans.


Just like an apartment, the suite comes with its own dining room.


And finally, what is a Presidential suite without a view of the city?

Tomorrow: a trip to the hospital's kitchen.


Kaori said...

What a great room! This is a great reason to become president. hehe.

Gunn said...

This looks like a very good hotel !:)

Hilda said...

OMG! What luxury! I didn't even know we had a hospital suite like this. I mean, sure, I knew they (ugh, I can't even say their name) preferred St. Luke's, but wow. And what a slap in our face!

mia said...

Hi Kaori!! Haha! Well we are glad THAT president is gone and we have a new one! I hope he never gets to stay here though. He smokes a lot, though, so he better watch it! :)

Hi Gunn! Yes it's like a hotel room isn't it? Nicer than some hotels even! :)

My reaction exactly Ma'am Hilda! Such luxury! Flat screen TV, computer with Wi-fi and their bath products are L'Occitane! Fancy that.