Wednesday, July 14, 2010



I like how the mall's developers take time to beautify not just the inside of their malls, but the outside as well. Here's a lovely water fountain right outside of Glorietta, near the parking lots.

Speaking of water, Manila was recently struck by Typhoon Basyang. Strong winds and rain battered the whole city yesterday, downing power lines, felling trees and damaging property. Right now, our neighborhood still does not have electricity, 18 hours after the blackout (which explains why I wasn't able to post yesterday and why I'm posting this particularl entry furtively in our office har har). Please keep Manila in your prayers folks.


just in the niks of time! said...

i finally found your blog mia. visit mine din. hahaha. nagpromote.

i miss you!!!

Hilda said...

I've always loved these dolphins!

Oh wow, I hope power gets restored there soon. Got ours back at home at 3pm, though when I left, Ateneo still hadn't gotten theirs back.