Thursday, July 15, 2010



In Manila, and the whole of the Philippines, blackouts are known as "brownouts." I have no idea why. I'm not aware of any other country in the world that calls blackouts "brownouts." Anyhow, in the wake of Typhoon Basyang's wrath was the huge Luzon wide blackout. If you're in the US, that would be equivalent to a blackout of the entire East coast. Seeing as how I've finished all my Sudoku puzzles, and my laptop has run out of battery and I couldn't finish my Modern Family episodes, I just took out my nifty little point and shoot and tried to shoot whatever I can.

And here's the view from my humble bedroom in our humble house somewhere in Metro Manila during the blackout. That blue light there comes from the Union Bank, just a few minutes away from my house. That blue light served as my only light source for the night. Maybe one day I'll take a picture of that building during daylight.

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Kaori said...

That must of been some night! Were you okay? And you're right, I've never heard of 'brownouts' before!