Friday, May 7, 2010

To the sky


I actually really like this shot if not for that lamp post! Ugh! Just pretend it's not there. Despite that, I thought I'd post it anyway since I really like the monument ( (I love the outstretched arms!) This the People Power monument, commemorating the 1986 EDSA revolution when the Filipinos put an end to the Marcos dictatorship through peaceful mass action. It truly was a defining moment in our country's history - everyone, young, old, rich or poor, everyone gathered together in a collective effort to fight for freedom and restore democracy. I'll definitely have to be back and take a better photograph. Have a good Friday folks!



Kaori said...

"Just pretend it's not there"

haha, you're so funny! That monument looks to have a very powerful message. I'd love to see it upclose, too :D

mia said...

Haha!!! That lamp post is such an eyesore. But yes! I will definitely have to get up close and personal with this monument. Thanks Kaori! :)

Misalyn said...

Maganda pa rin sya kahit may lamp post. Grade 4 ako nung 1986 and wala akong masyadong matandaan about the 1986 EDSA Revolution. Kinailangan ko ang powers ni pareng google para ma-refresh ako.

Oh my! alam mo 'bilat' ang word verification na natapat sa akin. Para bang sinasabi na 'hoy ineng magbasa ka nga ulit ng history".