Saturday, May 8, 2010



I've tasted some pretty awesome beers in my life (Yay Guinness!) but I must say our very own San Miguel just tops the list. The San Miguel Pale Pilsen goes down smooth and has just the right bitterness and flavor compared with other dark beers. The San Miguel beer brands are pretty much the staple beers of Filipinos.

It's two days away from our national elections and a liquor (and gun) ban has been imposed all over the metro. This means no more San Miguel Beer for the next two days. I took this beer an hour before the ban was imposed. Last hurrah I suppose.


Hilda said...

I know of some people who went drinking just to beat the liquor ban. Which I found totally silly because these were people who don't drink regularly!

Premium, Negra, Light or Super Dry please. Pale Pilsen only as a last resort. ;)

Misalyn said...

Can I have some? :) Sa Metro Manila lang ba ang ban? Mag-eenjoy pa rin ang mga nasa probinsya :))

Hap said...

this definitely doesn't help me survive going 48 hours cold turkey. where's the mouthwash?

(nice picture, though)

Rob and Mandy said...

Better than Guinness?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

mia said...

Misalyn: Ay I'm not sure. Pero I think lifted na ang ban!

Thanks Hap!

Hey Rob and Mandy!! Ooooh fellow Guinness lovers!!! My kindred spirits! Okay um maybe not better than Guinness haha! But definitely it's somewhere on top of the list!