Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Which one would you look at first?

I would notice the billboard with the pretty girl on it first. Or maybe the bright yellow one, but it's not that appealing. The other billboards just can't keep up in this sea of billboards practically blotting out the skies. Photo taken along EDSA, the main highway in Metro Manila.


Hilda said...

Guadalupe bridge? I used to look at the Selecta ice cream billboard. Or the pretty young boys in the fashion ads. ;)

Inverness Daily Photo said...

Yes I know which one I noticed first.

Deden said...

I'll vote for the pretty girl :D..
nice picture..
Mia, I got something on my Blog for you..

mia said...

Ma'am Hilda: Haha I know! Those pretty boys never fail to make the traffic a little more bearable haha!

Thanks so much Deden!!! What a sweet gesture! Hilda was right, it's such a great community here. Thank you thank you!