Thursday, March 11, 2010

A little tribute to our fisherfolk

Here's a little tidbit I found out: Fishing is a Php 50billion industry in the Philippines (that's roughly $1 billion) and makes up about 4% of our country's Gross National Product. Wow. If you ask any Filipino, the tastiest seafood comes from the Visayas region, especially in Roxas or Iloilo City (Visayas is an hour or so by plane from Manila). Fish, shrimp, crabs, you name it, they've got it.


Hilda said...

I've just eaten and you're making me hungry again.

Love the sculpture! Where is it?

Deden said...

Nice tribute.. It's not easy being a fisherman I suppose, those tidy wave the weather, It's all about everybody's prosperity, and a huge bowl of steamed crabs whenever we want.. Bravo shot..

mia said...

Hi Ma'am Hilda! It's along 3rd avenue (cor. of the 26th, I think) in the Bonifacio, Taguig area. :)

Hi Deden! Yes I guess it's not at all easy. I remember I a story once, these fishermen went to the city and they saw those rowing machines in gyms. When they asked their guide what those were, the guide said people use them for fun, to build up their muscles. The fishermen were astonished by this, since rowing is the thing they most despise about their work. Hehe. That's it. It's a totally different life for them I suppose.