Saturday, March 20, 2010

Suffer the little children

Here's another art installation in Bonifacio Global City. I posted an installation featuring fishermen a while back and apparently, that, along with this one, is part of Bonifacio Art Foundation's public arts program. The foundation provides public arts programs for residents of Bonifacio Global City, a former military property. The art installation featuring fishermen is called "Pasasalamat," (literally, Thanksgiving) and it's made by Ferdie Cacnio from welded brass, as a tribute to our Filipino fishermen.

This one is called "Kasaysayan Bawat Oras" (History Every Hour) by Juan Sajid de Leon. This 16-meter brass and cement sculpture is actually a sundial, and the seven paper-like dolls represent the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.

(On a side note: I'm really glad I started In Manila. I discover things about my city that I don't think I would have if I hadn't started this blog. I didn't even know about the arts program until today! I'll definitely be on the lookout for the rest of the foundation's art installations. There's around 5 more around Bonifacio Global City, I think.)


erasmusa said...

most people don't really notice this when they pass by it every day. glad you're blogging about this, mia :)

Leif Hagen said...

Very special sculpture! Great addition to that area!

Hilda said...

Oh I like this one! I love sundials of all kinds and the seven dancing, prancing figures look so joyful.

I'm looking forward to your photos of the other art installations! :)

mia said...

Hi Abby! That's such a shame though, that they don't. Not every city here has that. I'm not even sure that it's going to be there forever or if they'll eventually take them down. I hope they don't.

Hi Leif! Yes it is. It's great to have something else in the area aside from roads and buildings. It gives the place an added punch. It's good for the kids too!

Hi Ma'am Hilda! I'll look for the other art installations. I don't remember seeing others... or maybe I just wasn't paying attention. Yikes. Haha. The treasure hunt should be fun! :)

erasmusa said...

i think the sculptures will be around for a while. the sundial has been there for at least ten years. public art gives cities character. a place called global city could use some of that. :)