Sunday, February 28, 2010

Theater as a tool

This is the wall at the PETA Theater Center. PETA stands for Philippine Educational Theater Association, the premiere theater organization in the Philippines dedicated to fostering theater as a tool to educate people on social issues and ultimately, as a means for social transformation. I thought the wall perfectly captures the energy, creativity and the passion with which the actors, the directors and all those involved in PETA infuse their work.

I took the photo during a show called "Juan Tamad, Ang Diyablo at ang Limang Milyong Boto," which, roughly translated, means "Juan the Lazy, The Devil and the 5 Million Votes." The play features Juan Tamad, a character in Philippine folklore known for his laziness, and is basically a play that revolves around the upcoming Philippine Presidential elections in May.

More on the play tomorrow.


My prayers go to those affected by the earthquake in Chile. Being in CDP has made me realize even more what a small, small world we live in. Let's be kind to one another, while we still have time.


Hilda said...

I love this mural in PETA's lobby! We just never get early enough for me to look at each tarot card carefully. How was the play?

Glad you changed your comment form to the pop-up version. I always have problems with the embedded form. Like yesterday, I couldn't leave a comment and I so wanted to!

mia said...

Ma'am Hilda! It took me quite a while to figure out how to fix the comments. And it was so simple lang pala! I thought it was the layout, so I changed it, and still comment disabled. So I changed it back again and again... haha.

The play was fantastic! It wasn't the typical advocacy play that leaves you feeling like you've been smothered by too many unrelatable facts and figures. I hope more students and first time voters see it! Or just more people, period. :)

mia said...

Oh and those are tarot cards? Haha! I didn't figure that out! Nice! Thanks for pointing it out!