Saturday, February 27, 2010

A lesson in Filipino language and then some

I pass by this "carinderia" or roadside diner everyday but I never noticed the sign on the board until I got stuck in traffic one afternoon. "Pares at Tapsihan ni Kuya" roughly translated is "Older Brother's Pares and Tapsihan." In the Philippines, we like to call an older brother "kuya" as a sign of respect. For older sister, it's "ate." Pares is a native Filipino cuisine which refers to braised beef stew, paired with rice and soup. Tapsihan is a place which serves tapa, or cured beef, and usually paired with egg and rice. I'll provide pictures of the food some other time. This particular food joint also serves "Mata ng Baka" which means cow eyeballs. Now, I've eaten some weird things in my life, but I must say, I have never eaten cow eyeballs.

But look even more closely at the sign. I don't know about you, but I don't find Soup #5 particularly appetizing. A butt and ball soup? Um I think I'll pass.


Jacob said...

I'll pass on the cow eyeballs. An interesting place, though!

mia said...

Yes I think I'll stick to the beef dishes. Haha!