Friday, October 1, 2010

Free the dolphins! THEME DAY: GRAFFITI


Here's a wall I spotted practically right behind my neighborhood. I know, it's more of a mural than graffiti but I thought I'd share it nonetheless. Filipino artist A.G. Saño created this mural as part of his quest to paint 23,000 dolphins to help raise more awareness about the plight of these sea creatures and to protest the keeping of dolphins in captivity. Members of the public, mostly students, also got the chance to collaborate on this mural. Speaking to students in a gathering, A.G. Saño said "When we paint these dolphins, we take action to let others know about the issue and to pressure the authorities and concerned parties put a stop to this brutal killing of wildlife. I may be one person, you may be young, but we have a voice to influence others one at a time by campaigning for an advocacy. And this is a story you can tell your child or grandchild, that once in your life, you took a stand to save another life on earth.”


An artist and wildlife photographer, Saño has been studying the migration of humpback whales in the Babuyan Islands for the past 10 years.


Ben said...

I'm sure they do love freedom, Mia. Good message.

Hood Photo Blog said...

Happy Theme Day - great post for "graffiti"

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Hood Photo Blog

Hilda said...

Ooh, fantastic choice for the theme, Mia! I'd just read about him last week but I've never seen any of his work yet. Love what he's doing.

mia said...

Thanks for dropping by Ben and Sarah!

Hi Ma'am Hilda! These walls are along Julia Vargas, just right in front of Tiendesitas. This one, with the Save the Dolphins, is along Libis, near C5. It's such a welcome sight from the usual pavement and greenery and drab buildings. ;)

Leif Hagen said...

Great photos for yesterday's theme day! Very nicely painted!

Ahhhh, the Cebu photo today is lovely, too!

mia said...

Thanks Leif! Do come to Cebu if you can! It's a lovely place :)