Sunday, September 5, 2010

On foot or on wheels


Here is a footbridge that's great for bikes too. MMDA stands for Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. It's a governance and urban development office, but most people know it as simply the department that puts up all these "beautification" projects like bridges and waiting sheds. Oh, and they have these MMDA officers whose joy in life seems to lie in catching traffic violators. These officers don't make best friends with sidewalk vendors and informal settlers either. When demolition jobs are required (and demolition means demolishing shanties or sidewalk markets, where many poor people live and earn their living), trust the MMDA will be there.


Kaori said...

Mia, this is a fantastic shot! I love that blurry cyclist you caught! Do the M design on the handrail represent Metropolitan Manila?

PS: The sign just has the name of the bridge on it! ;D

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