Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Walking down the aisle


Here's the front portion of the Sanctuario. It's a good, long walk to the altar along these marble floors, which I imagine many brides would love. In case you are wondering, no, I'm not getting married. Not soon anyway.


Photo Cache said...

very bright and airy.

Hilda said...

Heehee, and I wanted the shortest aisle possible when we were choosing. Lovely church. I haven't been there in decades. Except for the wake chapel, that is.

Sasabihan mo kami kapag ikakasal ka na ha! Hindi mo naman kailangang imbitahin kami — magsabi ka lang. :)

mia said...

Hahaha Ma'am Hilda! I will invite you guys to my wedding.. IF I get married. I am absolutely in no rush whatsoever. :D So is the bf. Thank you God. If I get married, I think I would want the shortest aisle possible too. :D

Kaori said...

Whaaat, I'd definately want this looong aisle...because I only plan on getting married once and I want to enjoy the walk with my daddy :D Great angle Mia!