Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy hour


... started early for me. I took this shot of Cable Car, a popular hang-out bar in the Central Business District, before anyone else got there. Nothing like a good, cold beer to end another uber-busy week. Cheers!

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Kaori said...

Fantastic reflection! And what a great place to end a busy week :D

Anonymous said...

Very creative. That looks like a brass or copper bar top.

mia said...

Hi Kaori! Thank you! Yeah it's such a cozy place, perfect for just grabbing a bite and a beer. If you come to Manila, let me know and I will take you here and let you try our San Miguel beer. Dare I say one of the best beers in the world :)

Hi Michael! Thanks for dropping by! I think it might be wood. I am not sure. Super dark wood. Hmm.. But in any case it's a fantastic, relaxing place. :)

Gine said...

Nice ! Urban reflection are beautiful.