Saturday, June 5, 2010



The rooftop of Church of St.Alphonsus (also called Magallanes Church)


The Church also has an intricately-carved wooden door. I just love the artistry that goes into designing places of worship.



Gunn said...

Beautiful shots with beautiful details!:)

Kaori said...

Fantastic door! Does each picture represent a bible story?

mia said...

Thanks Gunn! :) Kudos to our architects here too :)

Hi Kaori! That's a good question. I think it does. Or maybe scenes of The Way of the Cross. I'm not sure! :) Either way, yes marvelous door! :)

Hilda said...

That first shot is awesome, Mia! I've never been to Magallanes church — I'd love to look at those doors!

mia said...

Thank you Ma'am Hilda! My friend got married there a few months back and she took me inside to see it. It's such a lovely church!!