Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Independence Day

The Novo Concertante Manila performing during the Philippine Independence Day Celebration at Eastwood Mall

June 12 marks our Independence Day, when, after 400 years of Spanish colonial rule, the Philippines became a free nation at last. The group is wearing Filipiniana, or traditional Filipino wear.Italic Novo is a chamber choir established in 1998. Since then it has won numerous awards, including a gold medal at the 2nd Choir Olympics held in South Korea in 2002.

I didn't notice it then, but looking at the picture now, I just realized that one of the members there is a classmate of mine in grade school and high school. How about that!


Photo Cache said...

liking the costumes.

arabesque said...

haha, is that coincidence or what? ^0^
symbolic costumes and foto indeed.
love the new template btw. ^-^

Hilda said...

I haven't seen any of their performances yet. Were they good?

mia said...

Thanks arabesque!!

Hi Ma'am Hilda! Haha I really didn't stick around much but I liked what I heard. I think they sing in Christ the King once in a while :)