Monday, May 31, 2010

Where'd you spend your weekend?

I spent it here, in Thunderbird Resort, 6 hours north of Manila!

I stayed only a night (work gets in the way of life, I swear) but the 6-hour trip was worth it. Thunderbird has an infinity pool, a good beach, a golf course and a casino.

One look at its blue and white theme and you'd immediately know Thunderbird is a Santorini-inspired resort.

Forgive me if I have very few photos, but you must understand. All I wanted to do was just lie down/eat/go swimming and eat some more and not think about anything else.

My mom and dad, enjoying a little quiet time.

The sunset in our part of the world

How'd you spend your weekend?


Vernz said...

This is heavenly .... I've always wished to visit Santorini... pero mahal .. siguro ito ay very fitting alternative ... Awesome...

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mia said...

Hi Vernz! Me too I've always wanted to go to Santorini but ang mahaaal! Thunderbird nalang muna :) It is really heavenly. I now wish I took more photos. Hirap kasi when you're there, parang you forget everything else! :)

Kaori said...

Well, nothing could top your weekend! But mine was relaxing too, just hanging out with friends :D
Love that last sunset! Beautiful!