Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweets for the sweet

My friend Audrey runs a popular patisserie here in Manila, called Bizu. Bizu was named after the French word, bisous, which means kiss. After sampling their delectable cakes and pastries, you really will think of the word kiss. As in kiss your diet goodbye (Okay that was lame, but the desserts really are fantastic. They're almost too pretty to eat.). Here are some shots of their lovely, elegant branch in one of the metro's hottest mall, Greenbelt.

I love the chic interiors, with their lavender and pink motif and the warm, ambient lighting. I think I can sit here for hours, but I guess I better not!


Kaori said...

Yummmmmmmmm! That looks so good! And you're right, the interior is great, very french :D

arabesque said...

can i continue the song..."sugar for my honey"...^0^
funny, i've never tasted bizu cakes before,many failed attempts, hopefully i'd try it soon!
ps: the interior looks elegant! very posh! ^0^

Kelly K said...

Sweet, yummy picture!

mia said...

Hi Kaori! Yup the owners really wanted "the Parisian look" for their patisserie. And they achieved it!

Hi Arabesque! Yup you should try it soon! :) the cakes are really yummy!

Thanks for dropping by Kelly! The pastries are yummier than they look. Just the right kind of sweetness. Not too bland, but not too sweet either :)