Monday, April 19, 2010

Gone fishing

I have no idea how anyone can just suddenly be inspired to buy fishing rods while driving in the middle of the urban jungle that is Manila, but hey, to each his own.


Hilda said...

LOL! And I thought cowboy hats were the weirdest thing to sell. This beats that hands down.

Just saw your tweet about Derek Ramsey — "Eeeek!!!" is right! I'm surprised you didn't try giving him a hug! That kid is the only one right now I'd be willing to make a (matronly) fool of myself. ;)

Kaori said...

For sure...but maybe a random person on his way to fish and forgot a rod would jump to this oppertunity! :D

Don and Krise said...

I have to agree. That's not a common thing to see in a traffic jam.