Saturday, April 3, 2010

Everything starts here

... at Kilometer Zero I mean. Right behind this kalesa (horse carriage) stands the marker for Kilometer 0, which is the starting point for all the distance measurements for the whole of the Philippine archipelago. Most countries have a designated kilometer 0, which is usually in the country's capital. For us, our Kilometer 0 is right in the heart of Manila, just across Luneta Park, where our national hero Jose Rizal is buried.


Kaori said...

I never knew of this designated Kilometer Zero! I wonder where our's is! It seems like a great place to start a ride around the park :)

Hilda said...

Cool! I knew it was somewhere in Luneta but didn't know exactly where. Fun that you captured a kalesa in front of it too!

Happy Easter to you and your family, Mia!

mia said...

Hi Kaori! According to Wikipedia, haha, Japan's kilometer zero is in the middle of the Nihonbashi Bridge in Tokyo! :) Are you familiar with that bridge?

Hi Ma'am Hilda! The timing was just right. Cars were whizzing by and it was hard to take a clean shot of the marker and the kalesa! Haha. A blessed Easter to you and your family Ma'am Hilda! :)

Kaori said...

Wow, Mia thank you for the info! I actually do know the bridge but had no idea it was Japan's kilometer zero :)