Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Juan Tamad, part 2

The Devil, played by Vincent de Jesus

Juan Tamad as an advocacy play was unlike other advocacy plays that clobber you with too much information. This one is hip, fun and totally relatable, even to non-first time voters. Interestingly enough, according to one of the play's consultants, the script is dynamic and evolves along with the latest news on the Philippine political landscape. Say someone bows out of the race, that tidbit is incorporated in the play whenever possible. Say someone comes out with a new jingle that's making the rounds of radio and TV, that too is put into context into the play. Even some of the characters in the play are loosely based on several others who joined the election fray several months into the election frenzy. How fantastic is that?

Behind the characters is a guide for first-time voters: What to bring, where to go and when.
They think of everything!

One of the most interesting things about PETA is that after the play, the actors come out for a little question and answer portion, especially if the audience is made up of students. It's not exactly a meet-and-greet type of question and answer, but more about what the students learned from the play and how they can apply the lessons they learned in real life. Hopefully, the lessons they learned from the play will stick with them long after they've stepped out of the theater and back into their real lives.

The play runs until March 7, so Manila-based folks, catch it while you still can!

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Hilda said...

They really adjust the script? That is so cool!

Vince's profile is unmistakable, even in the portal's thumbnail. ;)