Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fire engine... purple?

I've heard of fire engine red, but fire engine purple? I don't think I have. This is the fire truck of the Binondo Paco Volunteer Fire Search and Rescue Brigade, a group of volunteer Filipino Chinese firefighters stationed in Binondo, where Manila's Chinatown is located.


Hilda said...

Haha, I know! Fun though, isn't it? It's purple because of the donor, Eng Bee Tin of ube hopia fame. :)

Carraol said...

Amazing truck, it look strong and ready for run, the color, well like a big advertise of candy. Greetings from Mexico.

mia said...

Hi Ma'am Hilda! Ohh right right, because of the Eng Bee Tin donor! Haha! I don't even know his name

Hi Carraol! Yup it does look strong, despite its whimsical color!