Thursday, February 25, 2010


Young, old, rich or poor, everyone eats at the Jolly jeep!

Here in Makati where I work, we have what we call the Jolly jeep. The name Jolly jeep is a frankensteined term for Jollibee, one of the most popular fast food chains in the country (See also a previous post here). Jolly jeeps, while not as mobile as its name suggests, refer to these makeshift roadside "diners" serving homecooked lunches and "merienda" or afternoon snacks. They're heaven-sent for working people like me. These jollyjeeps can be found pretty much in all the back streets of the Central Business District. They're accessible, they serve good food and best of all, they're cheap!

I'm somewhere in this picture!


Jacob said...

Sounds good, and I'm sure they are a real boon for busy people!

Hilda said...

I just learned a new term today! ;)
Didn't have them in my part of Makati when I worked there for a few years a looong time ago.

mia said...

Jacob: They are! I can't imagine my current working life without them.

Ma'am Hilda: Yup there are a lot of them these days. Sometimes there are two or three in a street, just a few feet away from each other :)

Misalyn said...

When i was working at the Philippine Heart Center 5 years ago,during day shifts, I used to buy my lunch in the jolly jeep too. Affordable na masarap pa.

mia said...

Wow there are jolly jeeps in QC too? Nice! I thought it was a purely Makati phenomenon. Haha!